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   As self employed, we have been working for many years in advertising artwork and computer graphics, traveling around Europe, giving our services to well known companies, such as Rover France, Doc Marten's, British Airways, Gaumont Buena Vista, Bang & Olufsen, Art Jonction (Cannes Art Festival), Vin Expo (Bordeaux), etc...

  Taking picture of our work was very nessessary and somehow it combined to the present result of MiniatureVille. In fact, we used to have double decker buses that advertised film releases and other events and we toured Europe with these. It gave us the opportunity to meet with people from all walks of life and to visit areas widely different from one to another. The buses got us a warm welcome wherever we went and we made many friends.

...So what were we to do with all our pictures? Well we were excited by the towns we crossed and thought it could serve to inspire the young through realistic miniature reproductions of the architecture of this continent... and planet we stand on! This was the begining of the adventure called MiniatureVille...  



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