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       We travel around europe taking pictures of architectural details from the different cities we chose to visit. Pictures of windows, doors, walls, roofs, windows, etc. and when we have around a thousand of such photos we then start on the next step; the process of composing new buildings from the pictures...


   Every building is made so as to well restitute the architectural characteristics of it's specific location. The result is photo like magnificent buildings of all kinds.


   We are not trying to be historical, we are simply trying to restitute the beauty of cities we visit. 


   Every and all buildings and houses are creations, and even if they look "real" they do not really exist outside the world of MiniatureVille. Exeptions are for monuments like the eiffel tower and other such well known icons.

   Many houses and buidings are in project and will come into MiniatureVille world very soon...


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