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 Beautyful and easy paper houses and buildings. Minimize

If you were a lot smaller than your current size: you would think you were there!...


 (Few of the MiniatureVille buildings printed with a laser copier on A3 paper) 


 ....You are now in the small world of MiniatureVille, a reconstruction of cities and towns from around Europe ready to print and assemble into paper houses of exact and precise architectural fidelity. Simple but very realistic buildings and houses that can be assembled in few minutes by anyone from 8...

    An educative, constructive, inspiring, very beautiful and easy to do paper game...


Left: Alsace buildings (5 sheets of A4, 120g paper). - Center: Paris Buildings. - Right: Normandie Buildings.  -

- All Houses and buildings presented on this page and many more are avalaible for download in the Shop -


 Free special sample download:

(So you can go around visiting MiniatureVille)


  You can find other gifts in the shop and 5 free small size houses (A4) hidden here and there on this site...

Please note that free samples quality do not compare to the models proposed in the shop.



    In the shop, after registering yourself, you will find free samples and a lot of different houses and buildings, starting from 1 euro each depending on the size of the file you want to download: 1 euro allows you to print only A4, with 5 euros you can print any format from A4 to A0. (note that once you have purchased an item you are then entitled to unlimited download access to that particular item).

 More or less, 1 EUR = 1.46 USD = 1.67 AUD = 1.43 CAD = 7.42 DKK = 0.73 GBP

    The printing can be of the size of a usual sheet of paper up to very large sizes that would assemble into 1 meter high houses: the photos are of such quality as to allow such big prints. The paper thickness of 80 to 120 g is fine for a small size house. If you increase the size of the house, you will need thicker paper.

A0 = 1189 X 841 mm (46.81 X 33.11 inches)

A1 = 841 X 594 mm (33.11 X 23.39 inches)

A2 = 594 X 420 mm (23.39 X 16.54 inches)

A3 = 420 X 297 mm (16.54 X 11.69 inches)

A4 = 297 X 210 mm (11.69 X 8.27 inches)

    If you want to cut an image into pieces which can afterwards be printed out and assembled to a poster, you can download the following freeware: http://posterazor.sourceforge.net/ and do a big building out of A4 papers... 


   Left: Copenhagen building A1 format done on 160g paper. Right: High quality printing of A1 Venise building & A4 normal quality. (Both A1 buildings are made of 8 sheets of A4 paper and printed on a comon inkjet printer) 

    Note for the young: the largest sizes can be homes for dolls that are Barbie size... Don't forget: you can reprint an infinite amount from the file you download for your own personnal use... The creativity is also in what you can do once you have built the houses: from home made movies starring your own dolls to decorations for your room such as: display an exhibition of houses from abroad and ask your friends to come visit your room!

   How it works: you register and download from the shop. The pictures are ready to print on your own printer, so you can then cut and glue them together, and assemble your own miniature village or town!

 -  Normandie house. (click picture to see real size zoom)  - 


Conception and creation for everybody

    The concept of MiniatureVille is not to get into complex structures and folding patterns. To the contrary, it's the illusion created by the substance and quality of the object surface, that makes the emotion and our amusement.

    Visual effects of shadows, shapes, volumes, and color depths are more rendered by graphic illusion than by real structure or shapes, and this makes our houses and buildings simple to do and beautifully realistic.

    Of course this may not really content those who are looking for difficulty in folding master pieces of complexity. But in the other end most of MiniatureVille houses are so simple to do that almost anyone can make them. Very nice and simple for maximum fun...in all scales..

     Very soon, MiniatureVille will have all Continents represented, with homes of all nations, races and religions available for downloading in one click... 

    Go to the shop and visit all the MiniatureVille houses and buildings.


  -   some of the MiniatureVille Buildings in A4 scale -




 Enjoy your visit. 

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